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Delivery & Returns


You'll know when it's on the way!

Advance Shipping Notice

Once our truck is enroute with your delivery, you’ll automatically get an email notification letting you know it’s on its way! The email will be sent to the person who placed the order, provided we have your email address on file. If there is an email address that should always be notified of every shipment, we can add that too. Click on “Track Package” and you’ll see the estimated delivery time, a picture of your driver, the delivery address, and even a real-time map of your delivery status. If you click on “Track Package” after the delivery is completed, you’ll see the delivery time and signature of the receiver.

If your package is delivered via UPS, FedEX or USPS, you’ll still get notification with tracking information! Simply click on the link in the email to track your package.

Delivery Notification

Once our driver marks your delivery as complete, you will receive a Delivery Notification email. This notice will tell you where it was delivered, who signed for it and provide a visual list of the items in the order with pricing next to the images if you’re set up to see prices on your ship tickets. If you don’t want the prices to show, just let us know and we’ll update your account. If no one is available to sign for your delivery, we’ll take a picture of the material to include in your Delivery Notification. 

How to Get Notifications 

You don’t need to do a thing to get these notifications! We’ll automatically send you updates unless you opt out. You can also tell us if you want the prices next to the images on your Delivery Notification…or if you’d prefer to keep that private. Updating your preferences is as simple as telling your Schaedler Yesco Inside Sales rep.

What Deliveries Get Notices

Whether your delivery is on a Schaedler Yesco truck, or was shipped via carrier, you’ll know it’s on its way so you can plan your day!

Returns are easy!

Unlike other distributors, we make returning unneeded items easy.  Most returns can be handled online! See our FAQ to learn how. For large returns, please contact your Scheadler Yesco Sales Rep. 

Stock Items

Any item that Schaedler Yesco carries in inventory will be accepted for credit, provided the item is in a re-sellable condition and is not a time-sensitive item. All returned items are subject to inspection. Returns or cancellations may result in charges.

Non-Stock Items

Non-stock items may only be returned to Schaedler Yesco if the manufacturer will accept the return.   Returns or cancellations may result in charges. Please contact your Schaedler Yesco Sales Rep.

3rd Party Shipping & Claims

Shipping via 3PL

Sometimes it makes more sense for us to ship all or part of your order via UPS, FedEx, USPS or another third party logistics company. If you have a specific shipping requirement, please let us know at order entry.

Shipping Claims

If there is damage to or loss of your shipment, it is important to advise us ASAP. These services have time limitations for loss / damage claims.  If you do not report an issue within these time-frames, we cannot address the issue.

  • UPS:  60 Days of the delivery date
  • FedEx:  90 Days of the delivery date
  • USPS:  120 Days of the delivery date