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Energy Management & Savings


Energy Solutions to Control Power (kW) and Reduce Energy Consumption (kWh)

Installing energy efficient electrical solutions is one of the best things a building owner can do for asset optimization and environment stewardship.

Schaedler Yesco (SYD) has organized a strategic Energy Solutions team that takes advantage of the various disciplines within our organization to help the customer better understand how they can reduce energy consumption and control demand, save energy, money, and achieve a return on investment. Our goal is to enhance our customers’ business by being on the leading edge of energy efficient and environmentally friendly electrical solutions that solve today’s various energy issues.


Our Energy Solutions can help you lower your electrical bills by:

  • Improving your electrical efficiency and reducing energy consumption (kWh)
  • Reducing your peak energy demand (kW)
  • Controlling your power inefficiencies and penalties (power factor)
  • Reducing your energy usage. This results in decreased utility emissions, which means less air pollution and related human health effects

We can help you identify energy solutions in the following areas:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Automation and Communication
  • Lighting Solutions
  • Measurement and Verification
  • Power Distribution
  • Energy Efficiency

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