Schaedler Yesco

Working remotely.   Creating a home theater.   Building a SMART home.

These are no longer on the “nice to have” list. Homeowners today want – and need – a network that will support all the digital elements of their lives.  So before you consider Smart accessories, make sure you’re prepared about the wire and connections that will support these tools.

Hubbell Premise

The real-time communication applications utilized for remote working are not tolerant of the inherent lag of a shared Wi-Fi connection. Hubbell has put together a pair of connectivity kits that make upgrading home connections more convenient than ever. Set up direct hardwired links or move wireless access points closer to the end device for improved speed and reliability with Hubbell's Work From Home Kits.

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Hitachi Cable

The cable you choose for networking is just as important as the products you choose to use it with. Hitachi Cable’s Performance Cable Systems and Materials division manufactures copper and fiber optic communication cables and assemblies to support applications such as Ethernet, Industrial Ethernet, video, Power Over Ethernet, HDMI, Infiniband, and more. 

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