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Got Tools? We do!

The community of electrical professionals knows what it takes to succeed on today’s jobs, and IDEAL fills those needs with high-quality, innovative solutions. Whether wrenches, wire strippers, screwdrivers, or their all-in-one Linesman Pliers, IDEAL has a superior tool for every stage of the job. And if Ideal has it, so do we!

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Not just about the tools.

Tools are only part of the IDEAL package. They created their first twist-on wire connector in 1924 and have sold billions. Whether residential, commercial, or industrial, there’s a wire connector for every job.

  • Twist-On Wire Connectors
  • Push-In Wire Connectors
  • Grounding Wire Connectors
  • DataCom Wire Connectors

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Test & Measurement

IDEAL has been helping electricians safely verify and analyze electrical systems since 1928. Their testers are highly accurate and respected across the world. In addition, IDEAL has the tools to help you do the job safely and efficiently, from innovative circuit tracers to reliable voltage testers to clamp meters.

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Supporting Future Professionals

IDEAL doesn’t just support current members of the industry, the company also supports new members of the trade and trade schools.  

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