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1694 Electronic Circuit Protectors


1694 Electronic Circuit Protectors

Is your 24VDC control circuit REALLY protected? As the controls and automation industry continues to move towards standardizing on DC controls, we often rely on former protection methods of utilizing AC technology (fuses and circuit breakers) in an attempt to protect DC power supplies, wiring and sensitive electronic components. Under fault conditions, the power supply itself often ends up protecting the circuit (sometimes at the expense of the power supply). But, what if the fault is in the wiring itself or in one of the electronic devices? Many recent tests indicate that it may take minutes for standard circuit breakers or fuses to trip under certain fault conditions.


The new modular Rockwell Bulletin 1694 Electronic Circuit Protectors are specifically designed with digital trip curves to protect the secondary circuits of 24VDC switch mode power supplies against short circuits or overloads. The 1694 ECP Protection Modules (nominal current range of 1-10A) can be combined to protect up to 40A total. These snap-together modules are available in single or double channel in a 12.5mm housing and they provide dedicated protection (and trip points) for each circuit.


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