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Can you afford a revenue loss? 

Depending on your industry unplanned downtime can cost your business anywhere from five thousand dollars to 1 million an hour. Unfortunately, unplanned downtime is a reality on the plant floor no matter what business you run. However, you can lessen the pressure by having the tools and training to recover from it as quickly as possible. 

As technology continues to advance, you have staff turnover, and your business grows, it's essential to have products and resources that can keep up. Rockwell Automation TechConnect and Learning+ give employees the tools and support they need to succeed and keep plant performance running at its best. 

24/7 Specialist Support 

When unplanned downtime happens, you want to ensure that you have everything you need to get back up and running as fast as possible. 

Extended downtime or unplanned downtime is detrimental to production and extremely costly. Further we can't factor in is missing shipments – it may cost you both immediately as well as long term. TechConnect is a support tool that can assist in solving this and can help improve plant reliability.  

Rockwell Automation’s highly specialized TechConnect support specialists are available 24/7 to help you quickly navigate your downtime event. As a TechConnect subscriber, Rockwell’s engineers will have your support history to help identify the issue and guide your team toward the solution. You can also share a real-time view of what you’re seeing, so the experts can visually direct your team to get back up and running.

Software Updates

Software updates happen for a reason.  Delaying an update can mean a costly loss of productivity and efficiency. TechConnect gives you access to all the latest software updates as soon as they are available, preventing crises and improving user experience.

Employee Training and Resources

On-going training to keep up with new products, processes, and technology is essential for your team. Together, TechConnect and Learning+ provide access to virtual, on-demand, and instructor-led training that employees can access at any time. 

Technology is changing all the time, so it's challenging for everyone to know everything about every single version of every single product. That's why TechConnect and Learning+ are great.  You can get a refresher on the fundamentals and quickly lookup product questions with access to the Knowledge Base. 

Having the right products isn't enough to make your plant run successfully. Technical support and employee training are critical to a successful facility. The investment you make will undoubtedly pay for itself in the long run.

Read more about Techconnect features here and learn about TechConnect and Learning+ special promotion running now through September 30th by contacting you Schaedler Yesco Sales Rep. 

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