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Managing Compliance


Managing Compliance in the Cable Pathway

When installing structured cabling systems it is of the utmost importance to adhere to any and all applicable codes whether from the NEC or from the local Authority Having Jurisdiction.  Codes are intended to ensure safety during the installation and use of all materials, systems, and premises.  Not abiding by codes or knowingly violating codes can not only cause injury and property damage, but can also result in fines and potential lawsuits. 

  • NFPA 70 2020 Edition, Article 800.26 Spread of Fire or Products of Combustion states: “Installations of communications cables, communications raceways, cable routing assemblies in hollow spaces, vertical shafts, and ventilation or air-handling ducts shall be made so that the possible spread of fire or products of combustion will not be substantially increased.  Openings around penetrations of communications cables, communications raceways, and cable routing assemblies through fire-resistant-rated walls, partitions, floors, or ceilings shall be firestopped using approved methods to maintain the fire resistance rating.”
  • NFPA 101 2021 Edition, Article Firestop Systems and Devices Required states: “Penetrations for cables, cable trays, conduits, pipes, tubes, combustion vents and exhaust vents, wires, and similar items to accommodate electrical, mechanical, plumbing, and communications systems that pass through a wall, floor, or floor/ceiling assembly constructed as a fire barrier shall be protected by a firestop system or device.”

Part of ensuring that your installation is code compliant is firestopping.  Products such as the STI EZ Path and the EZ Path series of Retrofit Devices can help make the pains of firestopping a thing of the past.  EZ Path’s are easy to install and are an all in one UL listed firestop solution for cabling pathways or bringing overfilled pathways back into code compliance. Read more here

Having the right products and programs is only part of your overall DataComm solution. If you intend to have in-house personnel install and maintain your data systems, we can help ensure proper installation and management. BICSI is the worldwide preeminent source of information, education, and knowledge assessment for the constantly evolving information transport systems industry. At Schaedler Yesco we offer trainings for beginner to advanced installers looking to increase their knowledge. From voice, data, electronic safety & security, project management and audio & video technologies, BICSI training is designed to support those who are involved in the design, installation, implementation and maintenance of systems and associated pathways and spaces.

To learn more about our datacomm solutions click here and contact our specialist team today at 1-800-998-1621 and sign up for upcoming trainings here. 

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