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CENTERLINE 2100 MCC - Overview

This video provides a full overview of the CENTERLINE 2100 Motor Control System - a tailored solution for power, control, and information. 

50th Anniversary

2021 marks the 50th anniversary of the CENTERLINE® MCC. 

Over the last 50 years the general construction of this MCC has not changed it's remained the same. Physical dimensions stayed the same and the location of the power buses have all stayed the same. 

What that gets you is backward compatibility. You can feasibly buy a brand new MCC bucket today and plug it into an mcc that's been in operation for the last 40 or 50 years. 

With 50 years of consistent design that's providing investment protection for your MCC. It's future proofing it because you know in the future you'll be able to add new units new sections to your existing MCC. It won't be obsolete in five or ten years and you can rest assured that you've made a good investment. 

Why MCCs? 

Oftentimes when i'm talking to customers out of customers about motor control centers they'll ask me why do I want to use an MCC? 

Well imagine if you're at your local grocery store and you need to buy some produce and you have to go from one end of the store to buy tomatoes to the opposite side of the store to get a head of lettuce. That's inefficient and non-productive. 

By using an MCC solution we can provide a centralized power distribution system which allows for a safe secure modular location for some of our most valuable plant assets. An MCC solution provides future proof, scalable design that can be tailored to a plant's specific needs.

Functional Safety

How often do we talk about safety in our plants? As we try to create safer work environments for our employees It's important to mitigate risk as much as we possibly can. that's why we've added functional safety solutions as an option to our cross the line starter units and our VFD units. we can provide up to a category 3 performance level E still two safety in these buckets.

Safety is always a number one priority and we welcome these new features in our MCC offerings. 

Arc Flash Safety

As you may know arc flash is one of the most catastrophic events that can occur with a piece of electrical equipment

You'll be happy to learn that the centerline 2100 mcc from Allen-Bradley can be configured with arc shield an arc resistant design option. This option will provide type 2 accessibility which means you're safe in front of beside and behind this structure in case an arc incident would occur. We do this by using the spring-loaded latches on the unit doors which allow the door to flex - releasing pressure but keeping any shrapnel contained within that unit.

This is yet another safety solution we can provide with the centerline 2100 MCC. 

The Smart MCC

What makes an MCC smart? 

Well by using intellicenter technology we can create a seamless connected enterprise which allows for high speed communication and control over ethernet IP as well as data collection and analytics all built into the MCC. 

The solution helps us take us take our plants from a reactive state to a proactive state which helps reduce unplanned downtime, increase plant connectivity. 

This provides solutions to help our customers be more competitive and make better operating decisions based on real-time operating conditions and data analytics.

SecureConnect Safety

I'd like to demonstrate the optional SecureConnect safety feature of the Allen-Bradley centerline 2100 MCC. What SecureConnect allows the end user is to safely remove and install units with the MCC powered up. 

We simply disconnect the power from the individual unit and we expose the SecureConnect safety feature. Over here there's a mechanical gauge that indicates that the stabs are still attached to the vertical power bus. The mechanical indicator now indicates that the stabs have been safely removed from the power bus. 

Additionally, a multimeter can be used to electrically validate the isolation of the power from the unit. Now we just simply have to open the door and remove the unit from the structure.

I’d also like to demonstrate the actual mechanical actuation of the stabs. The stabs are the part here that are connected to the vertical bus. Here you can also see where they're electrically connected to validate the isolation from the power to safely remove to remove the unit. 

To utilize the SecureConnect safety feature automatic shutters must be installed as part of the MCC structure. When the unit is inside the MCC, the shutters will be open, and the stabs will be connected to the power bus

Once we remove the stabs and start to remove the unit from the structure the automatic shutters will close to provide a finger safe environment while the bucket is temporarily removed.

The CENTERLINE® 2100 Low Voltage NEMA Motor Control Centers (MCCs) from Rockwell Automation combine rugged durability and premium quality, and integrate control and power into one centralized package. These industry-leading MCCs meet UL and NEMA standards and offer solutions for networking, communications, and safety. For more information, contact Schaedler Yesco’s Industrial Automation Team at 1-800-998-1621 or email [email protected]

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