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Can't put a price on safety – 2 features that are worth the cost: ArcShield and SecureConnect 

You can't predict when an accident will occur, but you can put safety measures into place to ensure employee protection. 

The Centerline 2100 MCC offers two features to increase safety and reduce downtime; ArcShield and SecureConnect. While you can choose these options independently, having both as part of your design can give you greater peace of mind. 


Roughly 30,000 arc flash incidents happen every year.  The causes vary from dropped tools to corrosion to improper work procedures and more. While you don't know when arc flash will occur, you can preemptively protect your employees with ArcShield. 

ArcShield is a special door latch that prevents the door from blasting open during a flash. Instead, the pressure redirects to the top of the Centerline MCC vents and away from personnel. As a result, team members are protected at the enclosure's front, rear, and sides. 

There are two versions of ArcShield available, and you can learn more about the product here and watch the video below: 



Another feature to help make your work environment as safe as possible is SecureConnect. This feature not only increases personal protection but also streamlines maintenance and reduces plant downtime. 

SecureConnect allows individual units to be safely removed or added while the MCC is still powered. Although the MCC is still powered, the individual unit is not, making maintenance much safer. And since you can connect or disconnect power from specific MCC plug-in units without opening the unit door, employees can service the parts without impacting other operating equipment and causing a downtime event.

Learn more  here and by watching the video below:


The Centerline MCC and its features give you the flexibility to meet your needs and ensure a safe and productive work environment. Contact your Schaedler Yesco Sales Rep to learn more about these features.

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