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Why MCCs?



Oftentimes when i'm talking to customers out of customers about motor control centers they'll ask me why do I want to use an MCC? 

Well imagine if you're at your local grocery store and you need to buy some produce and you have to go from one end of the store to buy tomatoes to the opposite side of the store to get a head of lettuce. That's inefficient and non-productive. 

By using an MCC solution we can provide a centralized power distribution system which allows for a safe secure modular location for some of our most valuable plant assets. An MCC solution provides future proof, scalable design that can be tailored to a plant's specific needs.

The CENTERLINE® 2100 Low Voltage NEMA Motor Control Centers (MCCs) from Rockwell Automation combine rugged durability and premium quality, and integrate control and power into one centralized package. These industry-leading MCCs meet UL and NEMA standards and offer solutions for networking, communications, and safety. For more information, contact Schaedler Yesco’s Industrial Automation Team at 1-800-998-1621 or email [email protected]

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