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Did you know that Utilities offer instant rebates?

Did you know that Utilities offer instant rebates?

If you're doing a project that includes upgraded lighting, you could save your customer money. Some utilities offer instant rebates when you buy specific energy-saving products.

Instant rebates are exactly that...on the spot savings for purchasing products that the local utility qualifies as energy saving. But it's not just a simple discount. There are rules that must be followed and the utilities take them seriously. Please see the following for more information.

  • The instant rebate is taken off the cost of the product at point of sale. That means when you buy from Schaedler Yesco, we'll deduct the rebate amount immediately and the utility will reimburse us! It's easy for you, as long as you follow the rules.
  • All Utilities require that the material purchased is used in the utility's market. And the buyer must provide proof. In other words, you can't buy in the Utility territory using the instant rebate, and then install the product outside of the market. And the material must be installed within 45 days of purchase!
  • Each Utility has specific rules about how much product can be purchased using the instant rebate. Be sure to read the fine print!

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The Utilities want to help you save money!

Energy savings is possible by implementing a variety of measures in your project including new technology and power management. But your project ROI, or simple payback decision, can also involve money-saving rebate programs. Understanding which program is best for you can be challenging. Our in-house energy and lighting experts will help analyze your lighting specs, consumption, and demand and offer practical solutions that are right for your needs. Then they'll review which rebate program offers you the best return. We even handle the rebate processing!

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