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What Spreads Faster Than Juicy Gossip? Germs!

The world learned a lot about the spread of germs in 2020. It took a worldwide pandemic, but disinfection, attention to high-risk behaviors and locations, and the importance of handwashing got a boost.

While the threat of COVID infection has lessened as more people are vaccinated, the concern over healthy environments shouldn’t!

Airborne illnesses aren’t limited to serious diseases like COVID, Mumps, and Measles. Chicken Pox, Flu, and the common cold are a big concern and more likely to run through an office quickly.

According to Passport Health USA, air temperature is key for bacteria. In general, cold air kills germs while warm air incubates them. These factors, combined with lack of natural light and heating and air systems that don’t purify the air, play a part in how quickly viruses spread within the office.

One way to combat these little buggers is with Ultraviolet light.

When it comes to UV, we have several solutions to help kill what ails your team. Each is a little different, so it’s essential to work with a Schaedler Yesco lighting specialist to determine your best solution.

  • Fail-Safe’s GUV Air Disinfection products disinfect continuously using the power of Germicidal UV; a proven and effective solution against hundreds of bacteria and viruses. Learn more here and watch this video to learn more and order the product here.
  • Spectra Clean is ideal for often occupied applications, including schools, hospitality, manufacturing, food production/handling, and retail. This antimicrobial solution offers a hidden disinfecting solution in plain sight. Watch this video to learn more and check out this document for further info. 
  • Puro Lighting’s disinfection lighting products represent a significant breakthrough in viral protection and clinical level disinfection in a compact footprint. Using powerful, broadspectrum light, the technology of Puro products can kill bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungus. Read more about the product here and check out our disinfecting lighting solutions here. 
  • Indigo-Clean’s continuous disinfection technology is proven to kill harmful bacteria linked to hospital-acquired infections (HAIs). Learn how it works here and read more about the product here. 

With both in-stock and quick ship options, your Schaedler Yesco specialist can help you choose the right product for your environment. 

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