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3 Reasons to choose PanelView 5000 as your HMI 

While your current technology is not becoming obsolete, upgrading to a newer HMI can give you a leg up on the competition by reducing time and cost. 

Here are three great reasons to make the switch:

Reduce Engineering Time  

  • Single Configuration -- Engineers only need to enter configuration once allowing use across the entire automation design system.
  • Shared Logix Tags -- Controller tags can be used in your terminal without creating HMI tags. Prebuilt content is also available to develop applications faster and simplifying engineering time.  
  • Event Triggers – The PanelView 5000 supports Project Events to trigger an action without operator intervention.
  • Development Software - This included with Studio5000 to support tighter integration between the controller and HMI. 

Quicker Resolution

  • Email Notifications – Remote users can be notified via email about the state of machines and processes, avoiding issues and downtime.
  • Virtual Network Computing – Troubleshooting via remote access can save critical time.
  • Error Notifications -- Smart run-time error notifications help identify and manage issues quickly.

Tighter IIOT Integration

  • More Data -- More access to data for IIOT increases safety and production efficiency 
  • Alarm History – Storage of up to 40,000 alarm transitions allows for the historical evaluation of fault conditions
  • Easy Export -- Alarm history, projects, and firmware can be exported to an SD card or USB drive to further analyze with external tools.

Read more PanelView 5000 features here and contact your Schaedler Yesco Sales Rep for more information on how to upgrade your HMI.

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